The suffering of the executioner and why the death penalty is murderous

On 10/31/2006 a German-language TV station broadcast an American documentary about the enforcement of the death penalty in the US. In it, several wardens, executioners and pastors, who carry out their "job" in US prisons where the death penalty is enforced, were interviewed in a neutral, non-judgmental wise. It was shown that and in which wise everyone involved had to suffer under the psychological repercussions/consequences of the executions.
Among the executioners who had to kill the prisoners by lethal injections, all suffered under more or less strong pangs of conscience and wondered whether they were doing the right thing by carrying out their "work". One of the professional executioners justified himself with the argument that he was only obeying the laws that had been decided by the state. And since according to the bible, particularly the old testament, all human decisions are determined and guided by “god”, he is, according to his conviction, only the executive instrument of this godly will. This will of god requires from the human being, the old testament demand, “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”, be put into action to the letter.

Fundamentally, regarding the death penalty it is to be said, that no human being and no society is entitled to send any human being into the death based on any directions, ordinances or laws. Besides, it makes no difference whether a human being murders someone of his/her own accord and from personal motives or whether he/she acts on orders of a court, an organ of the state, a president, the military, a dictator, a king or other human mights, or whether he/she carries out, i.e. has it carried out, his/her gruesome ‘trade’ in the name of imaginary figures such as god, devil and demons, etc.       
A fundamental recommendation of the Creation says clearly, that the human being shall not kill in Ausartung (see the book “Dekalog/Dodekalog“, published in the Wassermannzeit-Press of FIGU). The killing of a human being is admissible only as a last resort purely in self-defense, in order to protect one’s own life or the life of another human against a deadly attack. Thereby it is in each individual case dependent upon the respective situation, whether the human being defending or being attacked can still use other means at the moment of the threat to ward off the attacker without having to kill him/her. Depending on the circumstances, the danger can perhaps even thereby be averted by good words that have a placating effect on the attacker, if it concerns a single human being. If the intellect and rationality of the attacker are still accessible, perhaps the stirring storm of his/her thoughts, emotions and feelings can still be smoothed, so that he/she refrains from his/her death-bringing plans. If he/she does not respond to this talk and he/she also cannot be put out of action by external force/Gewalt, in order to refrain from his/her intention, then as a last resort, killing in pure self-defense is permitted.

Each life-form is an extremely precious good of the Creation, which has created all life through its purely spiritual, neutral energy and keeps it alive by the cosmic-electric life-energy. The human being, has, as a self-evolving created creation of the Universal Consciousness, a special role in the universe. As OMEDAM ("law and fulfiller"), the responsible task is incumbent upon him/her, to evolve his/her consciousness and his/her spirit and thereby to contribute to the evolution of the Creation, into which he/she, that is to say, his/her spirit-form will someday enter-into after a long developmental period. As the most highly developed life-form in the universe, the task is incumbent upon him/her, to carefully and righteously preserve, promote and protect all human, faunal and floral life.

Nevertheless, often in a religiously motivated megalomania, the human being imperiously places himself/herself above the wise recommendations of the Creation, against nature, determines over the life and death of fallible human beings. This life- and human being-contemptuous attitude are also evidence of the primitive, revengeful  mode of thinking of human beings who approve of the death penalty and if applicable carry it out. Such human beings prove thereby, what kind of human being they are, namely irresponsible ones and in the deep bottom of their nature, cowardly and life-uncapable creatures who as yet in no wise fulfill the true meaning of the designation "human being". The imposition and carrying out of the death penalty as well as its mere advocacy is inhumane. If a human being has killed, i.e murdered one or many lives, in the heat of passion, in a murderous frenzy, as a result of a psyche- or consciousness-damage or in a planned or cold intention, not one iota can be undone by executing the offender as a punishment and forcibly sending him/her into the hereafter. On the contrary – to the crime already committed, a new unright is added, which in no wise is inferior to the destructive murder. Legitimized killing in the penal system by human laws and regulations, is in fact and in truth, nothing more than the hateful, cowardly living out of cold thirst of revenge, crying out for bloody retaliation, as a result of which the advocates, supporters and those who carry out the death penalty debase themselves to contemptible creatures.

Ever since religions and religious sects have existed, their founders, guardians, proponents, bigwigs, followers and believers (as well as many so-called worldly mights) justify their actions by the alleged will of an imaginary creator-god. Of this all-controlling god, it is claimed that he is filled with infinite love and care for his weak created creations, – but he paradoxically admits that his earthly "representatives" immediately resort to draconian punishments, to terror, murder, and bloody retaliation, if one of his "beloved little sheep" dare to question the illogical and human-contemptuous recommendations and dogmas that were supposedly created by him, or if he/she even doubts his existence. In earlier times, the human beings were spied on, persecuted, terrorized, and possibly inflicted with cruel punishments by religionists, sect gurus and their henchmen, if they doubted such an irascible, unjust and punishing god. The fact that there has never been and can never be an illogically acting and perversely feeling creator-god shouting for revenge and punishment, reveals itself to every healthy thinking human being, who at least to some extent is master of the powers of his/her intellect, his/her rationality and his/her consciousness. Such a god, was and is, only the picture of a pathologically ausgeartet human thinking, which projects all evil into a godly fantasy figure, in order to put the human being into a state of anxiety and horror, by which they can be guided into the unreal and exploited in every respect.
It is given to no human being to position himself/herself as a will-less tool in the name of a revengeful creator-god – not even executioners, who murder by order of the human judicial system and thereby trample their self- responsibility and hide their conscience behind a non-existent godly might, to whom they sacrifice themselves in self-denial. Executioners let themselves be misused in the most dignityless wise for the evil ends of political and religious mights, to whom the life of a human being counts for nothing and who in fact – as since time immemorial – speak of love for the next one, peace, freedom, humaneness, forgiveness and fairness, however, in truth the exact opposite is practiced, namely primitive revenge, inhuman persecution and punishment, torture, physical and psychical Gewalt, murder and manslaughter.
About 2,000 years ago, the prophet Jmmanuel said, "by their fruits you shall recognize them!". The fruits of the religions and politics look delicious and juicy, but in their insides they harbor only rot, stench, treason, decay and death, as was and is proven through millionfold tortures, assassinations, executions, witch-burnings, etc., in particular by the "holy inquisition" of the Roman Catholic Church and all other Christian religions and sects since the beginning of their formation.
Advocates, supporters, and executants of the death penalty, whether by their own will or in the name of a state, the authorities or a god, a religion or sect, make themselves guilty of a felony against the natural laws, and henceforth must live with the inevitable consequences of their actions. The human being is a part of the universe, in which everything is connected with everything else and interwoven by the spirit and the love of the Creation. Thus he/she cuts, so to speak, into his/her own flesh, when he/she kills other human beings contrary to the creational laws and recommendations. In the case of the executioners and their henchmen, they are subject to lifelong pangs of conscience which no longer allow these human beings to have peace of mind. In the consciousness or subconsciousness, they know that they have committed or commit unright, and that they are not entitled to carry out punitive measures to destroy the life of another human being created by the Creation.
Every human being shall be able to live his/her life until his/her natural end to fulfill the evolution, because the sense of his/her existence lies in the unceasing, consciousness-based and spiritual evolution over countless rebirths. However, if a human being is torn from life with Gewalt and without acute necessity, all possibilities of his/her personal evolution will thus be taken from him/her in the present life by the use of evil Gewalt. Therefore he/she no longer has a chance to recognize, work out and eliminate his/her errors in his/her life. With the extinguishing of the present life, the fallible human being is indeed "out of sight and out of mind", but his/her thinking, his/her emotions, his/her feelings, speaking, actions and behavior, etc., survive as information in the fine-fluidal storage banks. Since the fallible human being can no longer reconsider and neutralize his/her errors as a result of his/her murder, the new personality connected with his/her spirit form must work it out under greater efforts in the following life, in order to be able to eventually work out and eliminate everything. The next personality, the new material consciousness, is, after the next reincarnation of the spirit-form, indeed completely new and unburdened, but it is struck in an impulse-based wise by still unprocessed things of the preceding personality. The human being with the new personality must then consciously or unconsciously deal with the working up and neutralization of the impulses striking himself/herself. Human evolution, therefore, goes on after dying and cannot be stopped even by death, because the spirit is immaterial and immortal.

Thus, the death penalty cannot be a fulfillment of guidelines on fallible human beings, rather the punishment must therein be to isolate the delinquents from the rest of humanity for the rest of their lives. They can be brought to suitable places, where, physically unharmed, they must provide for their means of subsistence through their own efforts and can think over their wrongdoings. A human being who knows about the fact of the rebirth of the human spirit-form, can no longer find any sense in the death penalty. He/she has learned that the human being cannot avoid his/her self-responsibility under any circumstances, and he/she is conscious of the fact that suicide cannot be a solution to any problem. The human being can and must master all difficulties and challenges on his/her life-way from out of himself/herself, through the power of his/her intellect, rationality and consciousness. A cowardly escape from life pushes off his/her problems temporarily, however he/she cannot thereby eliminate, i.e. neutralize them. The subsequent personality of his/her incarnation-line has to process the impulses striking him/her, in order to neutralize the still unprocessed things.  

In this connection, it is still to be said that every active euthanasia, i.e. assisted suicide is also murder and is therefore inadmissible. To strictly differentiate from this, is the passive euthanasia, which is allowed or is even right, if for ex. machines are turned off, which prevent a human being from naturally dying or which even maintain only the function of the organs.

In the TV-report mentioned at the beginning, another executioner spoke openly about his problems of coming to terms with the conscious killing of human beings. He said that with every execution, it was more difficult for him to carry on with the executions. He complained about sleep problems and the increasing health burden as a result of his work. He does not know of anyone involved who feels better after the execution of a human being than before. Everyone felt worse and none of them looked better afterwards – including himself. There are always among the executioners and their helpers, men who become chronically ill due to the psychological strains, get heart attacks and strokes and no longer wanted to do the "job", because they simply would not be able to get over it anymore. Another man, who had formerly worked as an executioner, said that at the time he was still doing his job, he had been absolutely convinced of the rightness of his actions. During the interview the camera recorded a weeping and psychologically heavily burdened man, who at some time had stopped with the executions, because his nervous powers were at an end. After finishing this work, he had needed two years to digest the experiences of his profession and the consequences that befell him. Today, he is absolutely convinced of the fact that it is wrong to kill human beings punitively, whether the laws or the state demand it or not.
Using the example of this former executioner, it became clear to the viewer, that human being consciousness-based, mentally and physically imposes himself/herself suffering, pain and illnesses, when he/she is misled by a human authority or in the name of an imaginary god, to kill other human beings by command. The man was psychologically suffering heavily from the consequences of his profession and as an attentive observer, one could only have feelings for him and feel deeply sorry for him. Through his honesty and the remorse over his deeds, he could at least, under great psychological pain, partially win back his self-respect. He had, in time, broken away from his old convictions concerning the death penalty and cast off from himself the heavy burden of the false dogmas which had held his conscience in bondage for years. It was the appreciable behavior of a man who had changed his mentality to a venerable way of thinking and feeling after a hard, inner struggle. The example of this man proves that it is never too late for a human being to learn from his/her errors and to resolve them, if he/she is only willing and active enough to admit them to himself/herself and to study them carefully.
In another scene, a pastor who accompanied the doomed men or women on their dying day, reported on his experiences. Before their execution, the doomed men or women repeatedly sought his solace, his consolation and his physical closeness, while they lay tied and strapped to the plank bed, which they are not supposed to leave alive. Once, a doomed man looked into his eyes seeking help, until finally the deadly poison injected into his veins took effect and he took his last breath. The pastor held the trembling hand of the dying man until he could not press it any longer and he died before his eyes. The memories thereto were so close to him, that he could neither forget them nor classify them as morally right. Nonetheless he did not seem to be ready yet to fully admit to himself the unright of the death penalty and to reject it with all of the personal consequences. He would have had to seriously consider the possibility that his supposedly fair and infallible creator god could be no nothing but a deceptive picture, through which his delusion of a "loving god" would have burst like a soap bubble and his religious ‘picture of the world’ would have untenably collapsed into itself.

In summary, it can be said, that all the executioners, their assistants, prison directors and pastors, etc., shown in the report, felt that they did the wrong thing, which naturally burdened their conscience and their psyche. This in turn caused stress for them, mental disorders, depressions and illnesses. The individual dealing with the pangs of conscience was as different as the individual human beings. One hid himself behind the authority of an alleged god, who laid down his cravings for revenge in the "holy scripture" of Christianity and demanded its abominable realization by the human being. Without beating around the bush, the other men admitted to themselves and their interviewers, that they had to suffer under their "job". And then there was the man who no longer wanted to lie to himself and finally recognized the horrendous nonsense of the state laws and religious dogmas, that had misled him to kill other human beings. He hung up his deadly profession once and for all and fought for a relief for, his up until then suppressed conscience.

At the end of the report, George W. Bush was shown, when he as President of the USA, in front of an auditorium, "outed" himself as an inexorable advocate of the death penalty, and it was mentioned that, as governor of Texas, he had rejected numerous pleas for clemency by death row inmates and allowed the death penalty to be carried out on them. Thus, G. W. Bush has imperiously and arrogantly ignored human rights and all creational rights. In not a single case did he make the effort to personally get to know the human beings who had been condemned to death and to carefully study the felonies charged to them without prejudice. He saw and still sees himself as an earthly representative of his almighty Christian god, whose revengeful will he wants to fulfill by all available means in his irrational delusion. Among the human beings, who were sent to death by him as an authority of ultimate responsibility, were also the completely innocent, from whom he robbed the life in evil injustice and overbearing imperiousness. This behavior reflects a megalomaniacal, human being- and creation-contemptuous consciousness attitude, both of which has its source from an insane brain. That in truth this is actually the case, Bush has shown the entire world through the felonious instigations of wars in Afghanistan and in Iraq – to which he felt personally called by "god". He brought and brings with him a thousandfold deaths, injuries, mutilations and blatant misery amongst the human beings, into whose lands he let his blood-craving armies invade.
Anyone who does not want to silently tolerate this inhumane action and who has become conscious of his/her creational duties as a human being, ought take it upon himself/herself, in the best possible way, to oppose the death penalty as well as all other human being- and creation-contemptuous modes of thought, views, ideologies, etc., and call it by its right name and fight against it.

Achim Wolf, Deutschland

Translation: Bruce Lulla, USA / Mariann Uehlinger, Switzerland